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There’s a copywriting package tied up in a silk ribbon with your name on it, let’s find out which one it is, shall we?

For ambitious creatives seeking powerful, on-the-spot, laser-focused solutions for their specific copywriting struggles.

A 1:1 video strategy session to equip you with a clear and confident approach to DIY copywriting for your creative business.


This one-hour session includes a brand clarity workbook, takeaway templates for extracting your brand message and thorough step-by-step brand voice coaching with me.


Together we will work through any stumbling blocks you're facing with copywriting, brain dump content ideas for social media, clean up your offers, product descriptions, about me page, sales page or anything else you need support with.


I will also walk you through my signature six-step 'POETIC' framework for creative copywriting, which will equip you will a solid foundation of skills to DIY copy for your creative business.


Before our power hour session, you will receive a deep dive worksheet so that you can tell me exactly what you're hoping to learn and achieve. I will tailor the content of the call to your specific questions to make sure you leave feeling inspired, motivated, clear, confident and empowered to tackle your current and future copywriting to do list.

Investment: £197


Please book your Tea + Copy Power Hour session directly above or pop me an email at if you have any questions.

For ambitious creatives who are copywriting beginners, craving a professional audit and page re-write to establish brand consistency and catapult results.

Are you brand new to the wedding industry or still in the first 1-2 years of business? The Kick-Starter Package was created with you in mind.

Whether you pulled your website copy together in a hurry or you're desperately seeking the seal of approval from an experienced wedding copywriter, this package was designed to equip you with complete confidence in your online presence.

Your website is the central hub of your wedding business and has the power to instantly magnetise or rapidly repel potential clients. It is essential to speak directly to your dream client using language that clearly resonates with them, so that they feel empowered to work with you!

When you invest in the Kick-Starter Package, you will receive:

1. A personalised digital folder containing an in-depth audit of your website. 

This will include a deep-dive analysis into your homepage, about page, product/services page, blog, a customer journey evaluation, strengths, weaknesses, call to action analysis, personalised action steps and more. This will give you complete clarity on what is and isn't working for your wedding business website right now and exactly how to supercharge your website words from dull to dazzling.

2. A complete page re-write of your choice.

Upon receiving your in-depth website audit, you can select any page from your website and I will rewrite it using up to 750 well-researched, on-brand, clear and concise words that will help you to convert more website visitors into paying clients.

3. A complementary website checklist of 27 questions to ask before you hit 'publish' on your website. 

This checklist will ensure that your website copy is always intentional, polished and geared towards your dream client whenever you need to make changes. As your wedding business evolves and grows, your website copy will need to be shifted and tweaked too. With this checklist, you will always have complete peace of mind that your website copy has the seal of approval from a professional and experienced copywriter.

The turnaround time on your website audit and page rewrite is subject to availability, but will usually be completely within two weeks of you placing your order.

This package also includes up to two revisions so that you have complete peace of mind that your finished package is polished and perfected with a shiny, red cherry on top!

Investment: £127

If you have any questions about this package, please hop into my inbox at and we can have a chat.

For ambitious creatives desiring a fresh and professional piece of copy for their brand, from a transformative website makeover to a show-stopping sales page. This package is completely tailored to your copywriting needs.

The Bespoke Copy Package is everything you could wish for when it comes to copywriting for your wedding business.


If your current website copy, client brochure, sales page, product descriptions, eBook, lead magnet, email sequence, about page, pitches, social media captions or any other type of marketing words feel unaligned, outdated or you’re starting afresh with a brand-new business concept, this package can be tailored to fit your needs like a glove.

The result will be a cohesive, clear, and consistent finished product that lives and breathes your brand through and through. Your copy will be quintessentially “you” and will magnetise your ideal client effortlessly. From witty about me pages to personality-packed call to action buttons, your website and other marketing collateral will speak directly to your dreamboat client using artful, intentional and well-structured copy.

Simply pop me an email with the type of copywriting project you have on your hands and I will create a bespoke quote just for you.

For guidance, bespoke copy packages range from £75-£1599 depending on the nature of the project.

This package also includes up to two revisions so you can have complete peace of mind that your finished package is polished and perfect down to the very last sprinkle on top.

Turnaround times vary from one to five weeks depending on the nature of the project.

If you have any questions about this package, please hop into my inbox at and we can have a chat about what you’re looking for.

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