Our personalised wedding day poems are written to order using facts all about you. 

We use your information to create witty, memorable and entertaining wedding ceremony

readings, speeches, vows, gifts and individual favour poems for each of your guests.

Here's how it works:

First of all, choose the poem you need,

Select your type then place your order to proceed.

We will send a questionnaire right through,

This is how we gather information about you.

Tell us the facts, tick the boxes and we'll add our magic touch,

To create a rhyme that you will soon treasure very much.


Once we receive the answers from you,

We'll craft the perfect poem with facts that are true,

The final piece will be ready by your deadline date,

We promise that we're never late.

Place your order in of plenty time,

It takes us three to eight weeks to produce the perfect rhyme.  



The poem you receive will be completely unique,

If you're not totally happy, you can request a tweak!

Our clients are always over the moon,

A Veil & Verse poem will make you swoon.

Our goal is to create a rhyme that's fresh & new,

To put a smile on your face &

your loved ones' too.