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An Expert's Advice on 2020 Wedding Styling Trends

This information has been provided by Spectacular Scenes Limited.

About Spectacular Scenes Limited 

Our mission is to provide a warm, friendly and personalised experience to our clients, sharing their love stories in the styling of their wedding day. By creating the ultimate client experience, we can transport their guests to a world of magical moments, capturing the true love of each couple. 

From Napkins to the Floral installations, personal touches are key. We make it our mission to provide the highest quality styling and floristry service, to make each wedding unique and remembered for years to come. 

We are sooo excited to share with you this year and new decades trends as they unfold across the wedding industry.

Wedding Trends in 2020

So, 2020 is definitely in full swing and amidst the craziness of this years wonderful wedding planning, we wanted to take the time to share the new trends emerging and the old trends that are carrying through from last year, with you. 

Going into the new decade and year the two main focus trends are Maximalism and Minimalism. Let me explain further……..

More is... well more! This is Maximalism at its best. 

The bolder, brighter, bigger and more extravagant weddings will encompass this trend. Creating the look with  block colour florals, botanists working their magic with guests cocktails at the show stopping bars that are making moves in 2020, dessert umbrellas (I know, how amazing do these sound!) and pops of colour throughout the day. When it comes to the all important dress or Jumpsuit! Yes jumpsuits are becoming a popular evening option, as we are seeing couples opting for not just 1 but 2 outfits for the day. 

Exciting times ahead for the Maximalism Weddings of 2020. We can’t wait to get creative with this one.

So the opposite of this trend is Minimalism. For me this trend is becoming more and more popular. Let me explain……

It has been predicted that Weddings will take a more intimate approach throughout the new decade with Micro-weddings on the rise. Couples are connecting with the Minimalism trend.

       ‘Having what you need, able to enjoy everything you have and not worrying about what you don’t have’

Ultimately couples are reducing the guest list, enabling them to ensure the experience the guests entail on the day is an unforgettable, unique and special one. 

In styling news…. Neo - Mint is the popular colour to compliment this trend. This hue embodies a forward thinking mood and almost a utopian optimism, evolving from the popularity of soft pastels in previous years. Offering a light fluffy, simplistic and classy feel to any tablescape. 

Sustainability, although it should not be considered a trend and more a lifestyle, is entering the world of weddings and making a comfortable standing carrying forward from last year. 

This is a huge part of our ethos and moving into 2020, Spectacular Scenes are looking at ways to make the wedding industry much more sustainable and eco friendly, along with lots of other amazing suppliers in the industry. 

Linen Napkins, recycled glass, reusable straws, eco-friendly favours, vegan menus, upcycled dresses and so many more fabulous products are hitting the industry at full force. 

We love that so many couples and suppliers are fully committed to being kinder to our planet. 

Here at Spectacular Scenes, we will be using recycled glassware, making recycled material garlands, using linen napkins, Soy wax and beeswax candles and much more. So watch this space. 

Please don’t think that because trends are out there and new ones are making their way in to the industry, that it is paramount they are followed. Your wedding is unique to you and your ideas. Adding your Personal touches is the key to all aspects of your big day.  At Spectacular Scenes we pride ourselves on being a bespoke service where ‘Imagination has No Limitation’ Trends are a guide not a given. 

Thank you for having us and we look forward to seeing many more exciting weddings unfold, as the year continues. 

The Power of Imagination makes us Infinite. 
When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine. 


Spectacular Scenes Limited - Email 


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