Imagine the look on your guests' faces,

When they see a personalised rhyme at each of their places!



I offer a truly unique idea for your wedding favours; a personalised rhyme for EVERY single wedding guest.


My personalised wedding favours are a best seller and allow you to give the gift of rhyme to every person who attends your wedding. 


So if you're stuck for wedding favour ideas my personalised favour poems will be the perfect, unique touch to your special day.


Providing Me With The Facts


When you purchase one of my rhymes you will instantly be able to download our fillable questionnaire. This contains examples for you to follow and simple questions for you to answer.


Please fill in your questionnaire within 28 days and return the document to me via email. As soon as I receive your facts, we will be able to create your bespoke rhyme. For our personalised wedding favours, don't worry if you have invited guets and +1s that you don't know very well. Provide me with their names and a small detail and I will create a more generalised wedding favour poem that still makes them feel special!


I am able to meet short deadlines, but please allow 2-8 weeks for me to create your piece when possible.


Delivery of Rhyme


All of my bespoke poems are delivered to you digitally in a beautifully formatted PDF or image, with a white background and dark grey text. This gives you the freedom to print, enlarge or frame your piece if you're giving it as a gift or displaying it as a keepsake. Alternatively, you can send our wonderful wording to your chosen wedding stationer and they will be able to print it professionally for your big day.


Our digital process is environmentally friendly and ensures that you receive your rhyme quickly and safely.


Favour Poems For Each Guest