You don't need to struggle with storytelling, battle with blogging or fight with phrases any longer.
Here's how some of my clients felt when they dipped their toe into Veil and Verse Copywriting Services...
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I am so very grateful to have worked with Rachel. She has helped me write the copy for my website that I had been struggling with for WEEKS. When I tried doing it myself I kept staring at a blank page not knowing even where to start. Working with her was very thorough, easy and quick. Rachel knew exactly what questions to ask and put all that I meant to say on paper in a clear and effortless way. I would highly recommend working with her to any other creative entrepreneur or consultant that needs help to articulate their offer! Thanks Rachel!

Laura Buhl, E-Commerce Consultant

for Creatives

Showit Website Designer Caryssa O'Connel

Rachel is a total expert when it comes to creating magnetic copy! She knows just how to tweak a word or phrase to better captivate your audience. Her kind, constructive and empowering recommendations have me feeling WAY more confident in my website's words and their power to better connect with and paint a clearer picture for my ideal clients. She provides such easy, actionable takeaways that I can implement on my website's copy right away. I would totally recommend Rachel to creative business owners needing help with their copy - not only is she an expert, but she does it with so much warmth and I feel as though I have a new friend as a result of working with her!

Caryssa O'Connell, Brand Designer at Franklin and Willow


Veil and Verse was so great to work with!  One thing I have struggled with in my business is stating what I do versus wording it in a way that shows the benefit to the client.  When Rachel did a thorough audit of my website, she found some marketing statements like that and suggested I edit them, which I did.  I definitely feel like those changes will help convert more readers into paying clients.  Also, she was SUPER quick to work with and the deliverable was very easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this service to other creative entrepreneurs! Thank you Rachel!

Michele Velazquez, Wedding Planner at Pop The Knot


Thanks Rachel for making it a breeze to work with you! I was very impressed by how quickly Veil & Verse turned around a thorough audit of my website copy within days. The suggestions for polishing and fine tuning my copy felt inspired by my voice and what my business stands for, so was a no brainer to make the changes. I have no hesitation in recommending your copywriting services to other creative entrepreneurs. I feel like my website sounds like the best version of me, thank you!!!!

Gloria Darko,

My Wedding Fixer

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