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Hey, I'm Rachel!

Poet, wife & mum

Want to hear how I turned personalised poetry in my living room into show-stopping weddings for hundreds of couples?

Grab a cuppa and listen in my lovely.

Equipped with an unblemished, linen white book, poised with a brand new rose gold-plated pen and ever so slightly enamoured by the new sparkly accessory that had just weaved its way snuggly onto my left hand, I was about to dip my toe into the teal-tinted sea of wedding planning

It all seemed so whimsical and perfect as I started swimming in colour palettes, stationery suites and cake flavours. My pastel-themed Pinterest board was immaculate. My inner Monica Geller was completely absorbed in utter deliciousness of wedding organisation.

Sounds like the dream, right?

I became so immersed in bouquet ribbons and sweetheart necklines, that the ceremony portion of my wedding had been swept under the rug like cookie crumbs.


An imaginary fairy must’ve waved their wand above my unbrushed, side-swept hair that day, because I had a true ‘AH-HA’ moment.

Having a wedding without a show stopping ceremony would be like having a Victoria sponge cake without jam and cream.



I pulled out my well-thumbed notebook (allocated to messy handwriting only) and began to write our very own, bespoke ceremony poem  about our baby daughter, Willow.


The poetry bug had bitten me.


I then went on to write a rhyming bride’s speech for myself, a personalised poem about each individual wedding guest to use as favours on the table AND poem gifts for my bridesmaids and mum!

Mr and Mrs Geraghty  Photos Ollie Gyte Photography~549.jpg
Mr and Mrs Geraghty  Photos Ollie Gyte Photography~615.jpg
Mr and Mrs Geraghty  Photos Ollie Gyte Photography~566.jpg

My rhyming speech was a hit, our ceremony poem will always be remembered and our guests laughed and cried at their personalised favour poems!

I figured other couples might like a taste of unique rhyme on their wedding day, so personalised poetry in my living room turned into Veil and Verse. Now I create wedding ceremony poems, speeches, favour poems, birthday gifts and keepsake cards for all occasions.

As Seen in British Vogue.jpg

Since Veil and Verse was born I've been lucky enough to be featured in British Vogue,

write poems for weddings in France, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Australia the USA and the UK,  and create special occasion cards and gifts for hundreds of happy clients!

I would love to help you to create a personalised poem for your upcoming occasion - laughs and smiles guaranteed!


If you're planning a wedding I can help you write a ceremony poem, vows, speech, or wedding favour poems for each guest.


Or if you're heading to a baby shower, hen party, milestone birthday. christening or retirement, I can help you bring a smile to your loved one's face with a personalised poem all about them!

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It's time to spread positivity with personalised poetry, and create memories to last a lifetime!

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I help you create show-stopping memories using personalised poetry!

10 things I love:

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The little lady behind the "why" of Veil and Verse I wouldn't have dipped my toe into entrepreneurial life if it weren't for you!

I'll be honest with you...

Planning a wedding is stressful. You're not sure if you're staying within your budget, you're worried about impressing your guests and you want to make memories to last a lifetime! 


it’s actually quite a lot of pressure isn't it?


I've walked in your shoes before, wanted to give up and throw the towel in (heck, due to COVID, we postponed three times!), which is exactly why I'm here to help you. Whether you're struggling to find a wedding ceremony poem that relates to you as a couple or you're stuck for unique favour ideas, I can take the stress away from you and create personalised poetry that your guests will be raving about for years!

“But, I’m not sure how it works. Isn't it easier to just order something from Etsy or Amazon?” - I hear you say.


If you’re thinking this, then you are exactly the type of person I would LOVE to work with.


Join me and let's create the wedding of your dreams with personalised poetry!

Ps. Are you  a wedding supplier or creative entrepreneur? I would love to work with you on your website words!

Head to for more information on my education resources and copywriting packages.

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