Transform an Enquiry into a Booking with the  5- Part DREAM™ Email Templates


  • Does it take you HOURS to cobble together a professional-sounding email that is packed with personality?
  • Are you looking for a fail-safe way to nurture prospective enquiries whilst you sleep?
  • Do you have no idea how to write an email sequence?
  • Are you stuck for innovative and engaging email content ideas?
  • Do you often have trouble turning an enquiry or "warm lead" into a real-life booking?


Then the "The 5- Part DREAM™ Email Sequence Templates to Transform an Enquiry into a Confirmed Booking" is your golden ticket, wedding pro!


When a prospective client lands on your site and hands over their email address to you in an enquiry form, you can use this plug-and-play template to nurture them into a paying client.


I've given you ALL the content, words and magnetising phrases you need in this 9-Page step-by-steo guide. Simply, plug in your own name, business type and a few more details about you and VOILA; success whilst you sleep!


This 5-Part Email Nurture Sequence is based around my signature Veil and Verse DREAM™ framework. It is the exact sequence I used to quadruple my monthly revenue for my wedding poetry business AND my 1:1 copywriting clients have found SO much value from it too.


It's yours to keep forever - simply hit checkout for an instant download!

Transform an Enquiry into a Booking with the 5- Part DREAM™ Email Templates


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