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Do you want to delve into the mind of your dream client, know exactly how to speak to them and quadruple your bookings?


I’m your girl!

You’ve landed here right now because you understand the crucial role of copy as a wedding creative. In an era of curated, peony-blush themed Instagram feeds (as beautiful as they may be) words are that little slice of cake that truly set your brand apart from the rest.


Visuals showcase your beautiful work and give a spoonful of your brand identity, but words connect, magnetise, charm, inspire and SELL to those dreamboat clients you have always wanted to work with.


You’re a designer, artist, crafter, maker, baker, shaper, creator… not a writer and that is perfectly okay to admit.

Do you ever get the feeling that...

Your visually stunning website with all the bells and whistles isn’t sealing the deal with your dream clients?


Your services, product descriptions and packages were thrown together at lightning speed because you just wanted to tick it off your ever-growing to do list?

Your daily wrangle to post on social media is like searching for inspiration in a pitch-dark room?


Your blinking cursor is far too familiar, and you’re often lost for words when replying to emails or rolling out on-demand marketing collateral?


Your fellow industry colleagues steal the show and do everything “so much better” than you?

Your blogging strategy represents that expiring jar of coconut oil in your kitchen cupboard? (You plan on creating something delicious with it one day, but just not today, right?)


You’re neglecting your craft because you’re spending way too long writing your website and planning social media posts?

You’re overwhelmed with wedding business advice and you just want to know what really works?

Allow me to step in, link your arm and be your wedding business wordsmith.

Whether you’re looking for a complete website transformation or power hour strategy session to clear the fog, I’m armed with a sharpened pencil in my left hand, a cup of tea in my right and ready to turn your word worries into featherlight freedom. Browse my suite of packages here and let’s sweeten up your wedding business words in a pinch!


how can i help you?


i'll audit your online presence



i'll write your website

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i'll write your blog posts

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I'll be your marketing mentor


Why should you choose me as your wedding business copywriter and mentor?


With an English Language degree, a Broadcast Journalism Master’s under my belt and writing credits for the BBC, ITV, CNN and numerous local publications, I’ve been writing professionally for over a decade. I can pin my name badge onto more than a thousand websites and blog posts circling the internet and my wedding business has featured in the May 2020 edition of British Vogue. From buttoned up news headlines for a global network to whimsical bespoke poetry for brides, I’ve navigated my way through life so far with a healthy dose of creative words.

I am a firm believer that your business needs to work for you, not the other way around. I truly want your wedding business to thrive just as mine did and still is now, without the painstaking effort and anxiety. So hop into my warm, cosy home, let’s put the kettle on and make your unique brilliance shine together.

My clients are truly my biggest cheerleaders... gosh I love 'em!

Showit Website Designer Caryssa O'Connel

Rachel is a total expert when it comes to creating magnetic copy! She knows just how to tweak a word or phrase to better captivate your audience. Her kind, constructive and empowering recommendations have me feeling WAY more confident in my website's words and their power to better connect with and paint a clearer picture for my ideal clients. She provides such easy, actionable takeaways that I can implement on my website's copy right away. I would totally recommend Rachel to creative business owners needing help with their copy - not only is she an expert, but she does it with so much warmth and I feel as though I have a new friend as a result of working with her!

Caryssa O'Connell, Brand Designer at Franklin and Willow

Francesca Primrose Events.jpg

I was fortunate enough to have a power hour with Rachel. During the session she provided practical, thoughtful and creative advice on my Instagram and website content. What was most powerful however was how she made me feel about the content - I left the session feeling SO excited and empowered! As a new business it’s sometimes hard to know whether you’re on the right path when speaking to potential clients, but with Rachel’s thoughtful guidance and support, it felt much clearer and more manageable. Rachel is so warm and friendly - exactly what is needed when reviewing such personal work as how you present your own business.

Francesca, Wedding Planner, Primrose Events


Veil and Verse was so great to work with!  One thing I have struggled with in my business is stating what I do versus wording it in a way that shows the benefit to the client.  When Rachel did a thorough audit of my website, she found some marketing statements like that and suggested I edit them, which I did.  I definitely feel like those changes will help convert more readers into paying clients.  Also, she was SUPER quick to work with and the deliverable was very easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this service to other creative entrepreneurs! Thank you Rachel!

Michele Velazquez, Wedding Planner at Pop The Knot


Thanks Rachel for making it a breeze to work with you! I was very impressed by how quickly Veil & Verse turned around a thorough audit of my website copy within days. The suggestions for polishing and fine tuning my copy felt inspired by my voice and what my business stands for, so was a no brainer to make the changes. I have no hesitation in recommending your copywriting services to other creative entrepreneurs. I feel like my website sounds like the best version of me, thank you!!!!

Gloria Darko,

My Wedding Fixer


I reached out Rachel to help me with my destination wedding planning business and especially with my blog and copywriting, which is not at all my cup of tea. With regards to my business, I wanted to concentrate on aspects that I love and those I'm really good at,  in order to save my time and experience less stress. 

Working with Rachel is so smooth and pleasing. Right away she understood the value and the DNA of my brand and created beautiful wording to describe what I want to share with my clients. My goal is to reach a specific ideal client and with Rachel I'm positive I will get there. 

In addition, she is very flexible and always gets back to your questions and emails with the right timing. Thank you again Rachel for your professionalism.

Siham, La Perle Events

Marrakech Destination Wedding Planner


Working with you has been a game-changer, Rachel. I so appreciate the honest suggestions and have already made the changes. I LOVE that you understood that my style was casual and conversational.  That has helped put some needed cohesion through all the components of my site and make some of the formal parts more informal and inviting.  It's quite a skill to distil some complex topics and make them more friendly, inviting, and truly EFFECTIVE!  I encourage any creative entrepreneur to work with Rachel on their website copy - she creates true magic!

Allison Hare,

Host of the Culture Changers Podcast

Laura Buhl.jpg

I am so very grateful to have worked with Rachel. She has helped me write the copy for my website that I had been struggling with for WEEKS. When I tried doing it myself I kept staring at a blank page not knowing even where to start. Working with her was very thorough, easy and quick. Rachel knew exactly what questions to ask and put all that I meant to say on paper in a clear and effortless way. I would highly recommend working with her to any other creative entrepreneur or consultant that needs help to articulate their offer! Thanks Rachel!

Laura Buhl, E-Commerce Consultant

for Creatives

Neli Prahova.jpg

Working with Rachel has been wonderful. From the very beginning she was extremely professional and I was impressed with the beautiful introductory brochure she sent, which was followed by a well structured questionnaire for me to fill in. Rachel went above and beyond the agreed job and included some feedback and advice about my website which she followed with even more comments and advice. It was extremely beneficial and I'm very grateful for her pointers. I look forward to using Rachel again in the very near future!

Neli Prahova, 

Wedding Photographer


Rachel's audit of my website was so thorough and made me feel really confident in what I am hoping to achieve as an emerging planner in London.

You have true skill and obvious passion and I so am glad I have invested further, for you to take my website to a new level. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Akilah Atiba-Davies, Wedding Planner, Events With Akilah


I was lucky enough to spend some 1:1 time with Rachel during a power hour, and I cannot recommend her services enough. Before speaking with Rachel, I felt overwhelmed and concerned that what I was trying to say wasn't reaching my ideal clients, but following our call, I felt on track and excited to get started. I will definitely be going back to Rachel again in the near future!

Claire, Wedding Planner,

Claire Do Monte Weddings

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