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10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner by Smitten Weddings

by Dheyna at Smitten Weddings

Smitten Weddings helps couples create beautiful, naturally inspired weddings with personality. My aim is to give couples a stress-free, fun wedding planning experience with stunning results. I am based in and around the Cotswolds, but will happily travel. My approach is focused on finding out your wedding vision and capturing what makes you, YOU. Every wedding planning package is fully bespoke.

You may be wondering, what does a wedding planner do? Do I really need one? Well, here are my top 10 reasons to hire a wedding planner.

You can just focus on the fun! With a wedding planner, you can choose which parts of wedding planning you want to do, and pass on the rest! If you don’t want to have to remember when to pay who or keep track of contracts – you don’t have to. If you’re not into Pinterest and creating a mood board or colour scheme, I can help you.

It saves you so much time. Surveys reveal year after year that brides spend over 500 hours planning their wedding! Think about what else you could be doing in that time… like going out with your other half!

You will have extra support. No-one is going to care as much about your wedding as you do… except me! When you have those late-night worries, you can send a quick message and I will put you at ease. I am here to listen and support you with anything wedding! Even if it’s just worrying that your shades of pink all match on the day.

I’ll help you break down any creative barriers. You want a gorgeous wedding but could be struggling to unlock your creativity. I can give you images and ideas to get you going and narrow down what it is you really want!

You can relax on your wedding day. A lot goes on on a wedding day – you don’t want to be dealing with everything yourself when it’s your special day. Having someone trustworthy there to take the phone calls, check on the suppliers, ensure the venue looks perfect, and run any last-minute errands is so handy! You could leave this sort of thing to a bridesmaid or groomsmen, but you’ve asked them to be a special part of your day for a reason – you want them with you, not running around!

Someone has to round up the guests. You need someone to grab the right people for photos at the right time. You need someone to line up your guests for the confetti throw. When the taxis arrive, you need someone to get people to actually go home!

Someone has to round up the suppliers. Your venue coordinator is there to ensure the venue is providing you with what you want, that’s all; they won’t be chasing up the other suppliers. When your band arrives and doesn’t know where to go, I’m there. If your cake baker is lost, I will go find them. If your photographer left their flash in the car, I’m on it. 

Any small mishaps? Emergency kit bag to the rescue. Your bridesmaid gets a sudden headache? On it. The boys can’t attach their buttonholes? On it. Run out of tissues? On it.

Any bigger mishaps? You won’t even know they happened. If any issues arise on the day, I’m there to handle it before you or your guests even notice!

Go to bed knowing everything is perfect. When your special day starts to come to an end, you can go to bed safe in the knowledge that your cards and gifts have been put somewhere safe, your guests are all safely on their way home, and that everyone has had an epic day.

If you would like to find out more about wedding planning, head over to the Smitten Weddings website at You can discover FREE planning tips and tricks at as well as at


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