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6 Savvy Tricks to Make Your Wedding Day Easier

By Michelle @ Bride Path

You have been to a friend or family member’s wedding, you may have been in a wedding, but this is your wedding. The more of these ideas you can use for your big day, the easier it will be. Choose to use one of them or all of them, it’s your day!

1. A timeline on a clipboard

Grab a cute clipboard, and print out a basic timeline to attach to it. Also include the phone number of a contact person who is not in the wedding party, and the phone numbers of your vendors. Be sure you include what you and your fiancé will be doing, and when you are doing it. Keep things in mind such as: when the photographer arrives and leaves, time of your first look if you’re doing one, any deliveries such as florals and cake, time that guests are expected, ceremony time, reception times including start time, end times, open bar times, and what time everyone needs to be out of the venue. When you put it on a clipboard it makes it feel important and anyone who is helping can pick it up and see what’s going on. It helps cut down on questions someone might have to find you for the answer to.

2. Signage for your guests

Depending on the setup of your venue, signs can be really helpful for your guests. A simple “Welcome to the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Soandso” can be all you need for them to know they’re in the right place. If the bar is a combination of open and cash, have a sign at the bar explaining that. If you want an unplugged ceremony, add that to your welcome sign. It’s also nice to have signs for where the gifts and guest book will be.

3. Help your wedding party calm their nerves, they get anxious too

Just like the timeline for a loved one to use, your wedding party needs to know where they need to be and when. The more you can communicate your expectations to them, the happier and more relaxed everyone will be. If your maid/matron of honor, and/or best man are nervous about their speech, schedule speeches for after everyone has their dinner. Guests are happy because they don’t have to wait for speeches to eat, and speech givers are happy because guests aren’t impatient, waiting for them to finish so they can eat. See the pattern here? Win-win! Having a writer, such as Veil and Verse, craft a show stopping rhyming speech for anyone giving a speech, or even one for you to give, will make it one to remember!

4. Communicate with your vendors ahead of time

Tell your DJ know what time your photographer will be leaving so all of the special dances happen before then, is huge for both of them. Telling your venue what time to expect your DJ or any deliveries, is helpful for them. The DJ checking with the caterer before announcing dinner, always makes guests happy.

5. An emergency kit

Have a kit with you that includes any necessities you might need throughout the day. Some things to include in it are: bobby pins, scissors, a mini sewing kit, snacks, a phone charger, hairspray, a stain stick, hem tape, feminine products, and any other items you typically need on a day to day basis.

6. Hire a wedding coach

Using a wedding coach throughout your planning process is a huge time, money, and sanity saver. They will help you with ideas like the ones you just learned here. They’ll make sure you make the choices will make the very best experience for you, your fiancé, and even your guests. They will help you create a day you will never forget, and will have your guests talking about for years to come.

The more of these you can choose to use,the lower your stress level, and the more you will enjoy every moment.


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