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How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

By Daniel Thomas @ Daniel Thomas Photography

Weddings are beautiful days (yes, even if it's raining). They are so special for many reasons, but they can also go by in a flash (no pun intended). This, in a very basic sense, is why you should hire a professional wedding photographer. Long after the flowers have wilted, the cake has been eaten and the dress has been hidden away in the attic, dirt and all, it is the photographs that remain.

You may put that album up in the attic with the dress but if you have invested in it properly then you can bring it down 50 years later and relive your wedding day all over again. However, I'm sure that you know the reasons why you should have a professional wedding photographer, but how do you make sure that you are choosing the right one? Well, keep on reading and I'll give you a few tips on deciding which photographer is the right fit for you.

1) Look At Their Style

Each photographer has their own style. This is usually a combination of how the take the pictures (candids, portraits etc) and also how they edit their images. Do you want your photographs to be light and airy or do you want them to be darker and more dramatic? Don't pick a photographer and then ask them to edit in a different style to the photos you see on their website as they more than likely won't.

2) Consistency

When you are looking through their portfolio is there a consistency? By this I mean is the editing style the same, are the images all exposed the same? This doesn't mean do all the pictures look alike, some photographers might like to edit indoor photographs differently to outdoor photographs or have the ceremony entirely in black and white and the rest of the images in colour. However, you don't want one image of the reception to be light and airy and then the next to be moody and dramatic.

3) Recommendations

Ask your friends and family who have recently tied the knot who they hired and if they recommend them. If you are attending any weddings in the not too distant future then keep one eye on the photographer who has been hired for that event. How do they interact with the guests? Would you even know they were there if you weren't looking out for them? These are important questions to ask yourself as you want a photographer that will fit in to your wedding.

4) Keep Your Wedding Venue In Mind

Is your wedding venue a bright and airy hall or a dark barn? Keep this in consideration when choosing your photographer as you'll want to look at their portfolio and see what type of venue they've mostly shot in. If most of their images are in large, bright rooms then they could possibly not be as good at shooting in a small, dark barn. It would be better to hire a photographer who has got the experience of shooting in venues that closely match yours.

5) Meet With Them

Once you've chosen a photographer (or photographers) based on the above points you should meet with them. I'm pretty sure all wedding photographers offer a free, no-obligation initial meeting (I certainly do). You're going to be spending a lot of time on your wedding day with the photographer so you want to make sure that you get on well with each other and make sure that the vibe is right. It is also a good opportunity to ask them any questions that you have to double check that they are the right fit and are capable of capturing your wedding day how you want it to be captured.

6) Pricing

I've deliberately kept this point until last as you want to make sure that you've covered all of the above before you start considering the price. Remember these photographs will last you a lifetime so if you see a wedding photographer that you love but they are charging a couple of thousand pounds think of it as an investment over the next 50+ years. This is also where having a few choices comes in as you can then choose the one that you want the most but who is within your price range. Also, don't forget to ask if they offer any payment plans, this could help you afford someone who you originally thought was too expensive for you.

How to get in touch with Daniel Thomas Photography

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