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Veil and Verse: The Story

Welcome to Veil and Verse! A concept that came straight from my very own wedding planning experience. Before explaining our story in more detail, I’d like to acknowledge my beautiful baby daughter Willow and super supportive fiancé Steven; without them I wouldn’t be pursuing my passions of writing in rhyme.

Rachel writes personalised poetry for weddings and special occasions.
Rachel: Owner of Veil and Verse

About Me

I have been writing professionally for several years. Crafting blog posts for business owners, informative articles, website copy and other creative pieces for a wide variety of clients, mostly on a freelance basis. I have a BA in English Language and an MA in Broadcast Journalism; working with words is something I have simply always done. You will never not see me scribbling down a rhyme in my notebook or in the notes of my phone (sometimes at the strangest of times).

A Personal Touch to Your Special Day

Creating wedding poems is one of my favourite things to do. Telling the story of a happy couple, writing a personalised poem for each guest or helping a best man write a unique speech is truly magic. Grooms and best men often, sheepishly come to us asking, “Can you write my wedding speech for me?”. Our answer is absolutely; we’ll make it one to remember too! 

Wedding poems aren’t our only offering here at Veil and Verse. If you’re looking for a personalised gift for another special occasion from birthdays to baby showers, we can provide a rhyme in no time. All of our poems come in a digital format with a beautiful design so you have the freedom to do whatever you like with your rhyme. Many of our clients choose to print, enlarge or frame their poems as they make the perfect keepsake or gift for a loved one.

So, in true Veil and Verse style, I’d like to tell our story in the form of a rhyming poem.

The Veil and Verse Story in A Rhyme

It was time to plan our ceremony on a rainy Sunday afternoon,

Steven and I scoured the internet for a poem that would make us swoon.

As delightful and romantic as the Hitched collection may be,

Nothing jumped out as unique and personal to him and me.

Our baby girl Willow was cooing in the corner, so sweet,

When suddenly I suggested an idea, I thought was neat.

A poem about our little daughter would surely mean much more,

Than a reading plucked from Google; finding a suitable one was a chore.

I played around with concepts and a rhyme I did create,

A reading that portrayed us perfectly for our wedding date.

I’d written poems in the past for friends and family,

But this was the first time I saw a wonderful opportunity.

Working on Veil and Verse projects makes me truly excited inside,

For a bespoke poem written for you, you needn’t search far and wide.

A friendly ear is waiting to hear your stories and bring visions to life.

A birthday gift, a best man’s speech or a reading for a husband and wife!

We’d Love to Hear from You!

So that is the full story of how Veil and Verse came into fruition. I’d love to answer any questions you have about our bespoke poetry writing services, so please get in touch

Stay tuned to our blog for regular topical poems and upcoming guest posts with other industry professionals.

You can subscribe to our tribe here and receive exclusive offers and a discount code off your first purchase. You can also follow us on Instagram @VeilandVerse for exciting giveaways, updates and daily, relatable rhymes!


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